Shi Yudong, deputy to the National People’s Congress: develop the cheese industry and improve the epidemic prevention capacity of the dairy industry

Shi Yudong, deputy to the National People’s Congress: develop the cheese industry and improve the “epidemic prevention” capacity of the dairy industry
The dairy industry has spanned the first, second and third industrial chains, and has been overwhelmed by the epidemic situation.How to promote the development of the dairy industry after the outbreak, Shi Yudong, a representative of the National People’s Congress and an employee of Mengniu’s R & D and Innovation Department, suggested that by accelerating the development of the cheese industry, encouraging companies to produce and operate concentrated milk, and improving the level of deep processing of dairy products, we will explore new areas of dairy consumption and improve the dairy industryPool effect.The development of deep processing to solve the dependence on the import of ingredients was affected by the epidemic. The income of the dairy farming industry in the upstream of the domestic dairy industry fell by 30%, the fund return of small and medium-sized pastures was difficult, and the downstream sales of the dairy industry declined.Since February, downstream dairy companies have sprayed a lot of powder to stabilize upstream farming, digesting excess raw milk, and the industry’s average daily powdered milk volume reached 1 at the highest level.8 digits / day.After the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, especially the major milk-producing countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand were affected by the epidemic, other infant formula industries that rely heavily on raw material imports have suffered severe challenges.Shi Yudong believes that this epidemic highlights several long-standing problems in China’s dairy industry: the industrial layout is unbalanced, and the pattern of “Northern Milk Transport to the South, Northern Milk Transport to the West” has long existed; the global shutdown caused by the epidemic has caused alfalfa and soybeanSuch as feed and forage exporting countries have difficulties in transportation and rising costs; infant formula milk powder mainly produces raw materials such as whey powder and lactoferrin, lactose and other ingredients that rely heavily on imports, and the cost continues to rise under the influence of the epidemic; the industry lacks an emergency system.In response to the above problems, Shi Yudong suggested that companies should be encouraged to enlarge and strengthen the local cheese industry.Regardless of responding to emergencies and other emergencies, or to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand in China ‘s domestic peak season and off-season consumption, the cheese industry can be used as a “reservoir” to ease the problem of excess raw milk; by supporting enterprises to encourage the production and operation of concentrated milk, and allowingIt is used as the main milk raw material in products such as prepared milk and fermented milk; it develops deep processing of dairy products and enhances the added value of the industry. It can not only obtain lactoferrin, lactose and other baby powder production ingredients, but also solve the situation that the baby powder ingredients rely heavily on imports.To promote the innovation and upgrading of the dairy industry.During the period of expediting the approval of health foods, the topic of immunity has received attention.The National Health and Welfare Committee issued the “Guidelines on the Nutritional Intervention for the Prevention of Pneumonia with New Coronavirus Infections” to encourage people to consume more milk products, especially yogurt containing probiotics.Against this background, sales of probiotic yogurts certified by Mengniu’s “jianzi” have increased substantially.However, according to Shi Yudong, there are many probiotic dairy products on the market, and the quality is uneven. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish truly effective products.The national health food approval process is too long, and basically takes about 5 years.Shi Yudong suggested to speed up the approval of health foods, especially probiotic, prebiotic and other products that enhance immunity.Reasonably adjust the management model of preventive health products, give consumers more independent choices, accelerate the listing of functional foods for enterprises, and thus promote the development of alternative dairy industries.Sauna, night net Guo Tie Picture source included by photo editor Li Yan proofreading He Yan