Japanese shamisen performer Shangguang Hongguang will appear in Meet Beijing

Japanese shamisen performer Shangguang Hongguang will appear in “Meet Beijing”
The 20th “Meet Beijing” International Art Festival will be held from January 1st to 26th, 2020. During this period, it will provide 60 theater performances and 3 theme art exhibitions, covering music, dance, drama, exhibitions, and five major sections of the festival.This year’s “Meet Beijing” with the theme of “Ice and Passion” will contribute to the cultural power of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. More than 700 artists from 12 countries and regions will appear at the festival.Among them, on January 18th, a party called “Tradition and Innovation” Crossover Concert brought by Japanese shamisen performer Hongguang Hongguang will be staged at Beijing Tianqiao Art Center.Japanese shamisen performer Hwang Kwang.Sanweixian is a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, similar to Sanxian from China.It consists of the highest pole and square speaker.The shamisen is generally made of silk, and it is also made of nylon. When playing, the player needs to use the ivory, tortoiseshell and other materials to pick the strings, and fiddle with the strings. Its sound is quiet and pure, simple and melodious.His wife Hongguang played the “Tsakara Shamisen” into the past accompaniment shamisen. The Tsugaru shamisen only appeared in the nineteenth century. It is not an accompaniment instrument but a solo instrument.And the Tsugaru Shamisen has great improvisation when playing, so it has the title of “Japanese Jazz”.The most special feature of Shanggong Hongguang ‘s music is the addition of shamisen to many modern elements-drum instruments, string instruments, electronic instruments, and other Western musical instruments. Guzheng, shakuhachi, taiko drums and other traditional instruments are also used.Jazz, blues, hippop and other music styles.Last year, his wife Hongguang released the latest album “NuTRAD”, which is his original album for three years, he proposed the theme of “want to use traditional instruments to make the world not”, and he has the same idea as himselfThe young creators have fully integrated with the shamisen performance through the fusion of modern experimental styles such as EDM and Neo-Soul.Because of this concept, his wife Wong Kwang has performed many times with well-known foreign music artists. This unique method of combining traditional Japanese musical instruments with Western music has won high praise.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading He Yan