Aerobic fight kick and beat to lose weight

Aerobic fight “kick and beat” to lose weight

Winter is the season of fat accumulation, and it is also the season when people exercise least. Especially for people who have a tendency to obesity, sticking to a lifestyle of only ingestion and no consumption, it will be more difficult to lose weight in the spring of next year.
Here, Xiaoqing introduces a fashionable weight-loss fitness exercise.
  Punch, kick, wave, shout-this is not a game, it’s about losing weight.
  An aerobic kickboxing exercise that combines Muay Thai and boxing and incorporates Chinese wrestling. Since entering major gyms, it has become a popular fitness sport.
According to Coach Zhao Siwei of Ningbo Jinlinghui International Fitness and Leisure Club, aerobic boxing exercises have a good effect on weight loss and decompression while strengthening the body.
  The specific form of aerobic combat is the continuous conversion of offense and defense by combining boxing and leg methods with professional footwork.
For young and middle-aged people with excessive fat accumulation, especially the office workers who have been sitting for a long time and caused fat to accumulate on the waist and abdomen, aerobic combat can be called a full-bodied “slimming” exercise.
Because it consumes a large amount of physical energy, it has higher requirements for cardiopulmonary function.Because training requires a large amount of blood and oxygen, during this process, the body’s fat cells are constantly activated and catabolized.Glycogen in the body.After half an hour, the glycogen in the body is basically depleted, and symptoms such as thirst, dizziness, and fatigue will appear, which indicates that the blood and oxygen supply in the body is out of balance.At this time, if you add some fructose and then insist on training, you canEffectively use the body fat to convert into energy to provide nutrients to the body, so as to achieve the purpose of effective weight loss.
  For modern people, aerobic combat is a fun way to vent without harming anyone.
Because the bodybuilder does not fight with others and does not need any equipment, but uses his body to face the mirror to throw punches into the air.
In addition, aerobic boxing exercises emphasize punches and yelling, which are all good ways to relieve emotions.
  Imagine an imaginary enemy right in front of you, letting you punch, kick, and vent your dissatisfaction. After an hour, you will feel a lot more relaxed. Many people who skip the “boxing exercise” will feel happy.
  Aerobic combat is simple and easy to learn. You only need to do it 4-5 times a week for 1 hour each time. After half a month, the body will have obvious changes.
For example: strengthen joint mobility, muscle endurance, balance, the body is no longer stiff; burn calories and increase muscle mass, thereby reducing weight.