K song measures your resilience

K song measures your resilience

Go to the karaoke room with friends to sing. Although I do n’t know how to sing, I still want to: Okay, now that you are here, try singing!

You ordered a song, but you didn’t expect to sing it in half.

What would you do then?

  A: Sing to the end B: Sing immediately and then sing C: Sing while explaining D: Switch to another song Test Result: A sing to the end: When shouldering all the responsibilities in an emergency,You will carry all the responsibilities on your own, handle problems independently, and not shirk responsibilities to others.

Although it is heroic to stand up to difficulties, it has its stubborn side.

It is recommended that you do not prevent you from telling your friends the whole issue or listen to the opinions of others. These are all very important!

  B will be sung immediately by the person who can sing: Helpless and anxious. When trouble occurs, you will immediately ask others, and you cannot calmly and properly handle it.

Although you always worry about the people around you, fortunately you are strong and can quickly cheer up.

It is recommended that you do not always rely on others to help you, and learn to face any troubles independently.

  C explains and sings: easy to fool. You look strong, but you are actually a fragile person.

Once something happens, although I think that I have to rely on my own strength to handle things, but the results are usually left to nothing.

This kind of half-way treatment is often the first cause of indecision, so pay special attention!

  D switch to another song: control your face first, then control yourself. You are a person who must first save your face, no matter what happens, your first consideration is your self-esteem.

Because your self-esteem is too strong, you would rather die than let yourself go off the stage, and even hurt others because of it.

This attitude can easily lead to cracks in interpersonal relationships. Be careful!