Little Freckles Hot-Balloon Pilot became the opening film of Hainan Island International Film Festival

“Little Freckles” “Hot-Balloon Pilot” became the opening film of Hainan Island International Film Festival
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On December 1, Eddie Redmaine, Oscar’s best actor “Little Freckles” and Oscar’s best actress nominated Felicity Jones for the second collaboration “”Hot Air Balloon Flight”, the opening film screening at the Hainan Island International Film Festival.As the popular competition film of the 92nd Academy Awards next year, the film has caused heated debates in the battle of the Toronto Film Festival and the London Film Festival for the display of fantasy hot air balloon adventure stories.Among them, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is 82%, and the Meta Critics score is called 70 points.Many foreign media commented on “Hot Air Balloon Pilot” as a popular movie that hit the Oscars this year.It is reported that the film attempts to introduce the mainland.Movie poster.This film is adapted from real events. The heroes and heroines in the film completely exclude humans from carrying oxygen cylinders, and only use hot air balloons to rise from 26,000 feet (7924).8 meters) to 30000 feet (9144 meters), and this record has not been broken in the next 40 years.The scientific data recorded in this event became the basis of modern meteorological observations, changed the situation in which humans can only rely on the ability of animals or plants to barely predict the weather conditions, and deepened people ‘s understanding of the stratosphere.Aviation exploration is also of great significance.Movie stills.70% of the scenes in the movie take place in the hot air balloon gondola, so the whole movie creates a sense of tension and suffocation in an “enclosed space in an open environment”.The director’s unique lens language and precise shooting technology perfectly present the thrilling adventures experienced by the two protagonists in the process of lift-off, and present a thrilling cloud adventure in front of the audience.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Liu Baoqing