Simple DIY whitening freckle mask is safe and easy to use

Simple DIY whitening freckle mask is safe and easy to use

Although there are many whitening masks on the market, but many masks have some safety issues, how do you make some safe and effective whitening masks yourself?

  Whitening is more difficult, and freckle is more difficult, otherwise there will be no lady who spends her life to whiten skin.

We most often find that 99% of freckles are inherited, so it is difficult to freckle, it can only be light spots, and the spots are lightened.

However, the products on the market that can be used to remove freckles are only added with chemical ingredients, which may be very effective, but if they are replaced, will they grow out?

  In fact, we still have to make our own home-made products to be safe and assured. We will do our best to get enough food and clothing. This will save money and be safe.

  Tremella mask This mask of skin inflammation MM should be used with caution.

It nourishes the skin, and the medicine can directly penetrate to the skin’s edge to freckle and whiten.

  Preparation materials: Tremella powder 5g, astragalus powder 5g, white coix powder 5g, Poria powder 5g, Yuzhu powder 5g, flour 5g Method: mix the above powder and flour together, add water to adjust to a paste.

Apply to bones for about 30 minutes to wash.

  Pollen Mask This mask contains the nutrients of 4 kinds of pollen, which are adjusted according to several skin types.

It can remove stains and moisturize and whiten the skin.

  Preparation materials: 5g of pollen, 1 egg white, 20ml of lemon juice, 20ml of fresh milk. Method: First buy the pollen of chrysanthemum, pine flower, corn flower, and oatmeal flower, and then take some of these pollen.Yes, in a container.

If it is dry skin MM, you can add egg white to make it; if it is oily skin MM, you can add 20ml lemon juice and stir; if it is other skin MM, you can use milk to make it.

The material is prepared into a paste, which can be absorbed and applied to the face, and it can be washed after about 20-30 minutes.

  Grape Mask Grapes have anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and wrinkle removal effects, but also bring skin moisture and translucency, freckle removal and yellowing.

  Preparation materials: Grape amount, crush flour, compress mask paper. Method: Wash the grapes first, then take out the grape seeds, leaving only the flesh and skin of the grapes.

Then use a juicer to make them into juice, then put the compressed mask paper to soak until it can be absorbed, and you can also add flour and apply it on the mask paper.

  Rose freckle mask This mask can activate blood, lighten spots, whiten and moisturize, and can be used for all skin types, suitable for all seasons.

  Preparation materials: Angelica powder, mung bean powder, white poria powder, peach kernel powder, white lotus root powder, white and powder 60g each, 3 drops of rose essential oil, appropriate amount of rose water Method: first mix 6 kinds of medicinal powder and put them in a bottle.

Then take out a small spoon from the mixed medicine powder, put it in a container, add rose water and mix well, then add 3 drops of rose essential oil and stir well to make a paste.

Use a small brush to apply the mask on, and wash it for about half an hour.

Can be done 3 times a week.

  Triple White Mask This mask has the effect of replenishing skin with moisture, whitening, freckle removing and softening the skin.

  Preparing materials: white chrysanthemum powder, 1 teaspoon for white chrysanthemum powder, 2 teaspoons of white chrysanthemum powder, appropriate amount of fresh aloe juice, honey or milkMix the milk into a paste; if it is winter, add honey, and if it feels too sticky, add a few drops of milk to adjust the paste.

Apply on a wooden board for about 20-30 minutes.

  Black Tea Mask This mask can brighten the complexion, whiten the skin, moisturize the skin, and lighten the spots.

  Preparation materials: 2 tablespoons of black tea, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, flour, and waterWash off in 15 minutes.

  Red wine honey mask This mask can promote the stratum corneum metabolism and dilute pigmentation.

Makes skin fairer and smoother and hydrates the skin.

However, pay attention to MM allergic to alcohol.

  Preparation materials: a small glass of red wine, 2-3 teaspoons of honey.
  The method of applying the mask is the same as step 1. Each person’s skin is different, and the mask used is also different. To avoid skin discomfort when applying the mask, apply a layer of mask on the back of the hand before applying the mask, about 30 minutes.Left and right, if there is no response, you can safely wipe it in front.

  2. Before applying the mask, you must remove the face and wash your makeup, or exfoliate, so as to prevent the dirt from entering the pores.

  3. After washing the face, apply a hot towel on the face for about three minutes, and then massage it up and down on the face for three to five minutes to improve the effect of applying the face.

  4. If it is a smear-type mask, it can be done in the bath, which is good for hydration and absorption.

The mask is easy to dry. If you use it in the bath, you can avoid the strong skin tingling sensation and prevent the skin moisture from being sucked back by the mask!

  5. The order of applying the mask is also particular. It is necessary to align the lower jaw, the two jaws, the nose, the lips, the forehead, and the bottom from the top up;

It must be noted that it is best to start with the T-shaped part that is easy to dry, and finally the U area.  After applying the mask for about 15 minutes, you can flick the mask with your fingers. If it is no longer sticky, you can gently tear off the mask.

When pulling the mask, pay attention to start from the edge of the film, and slowly pull it from the bottom up.

  Do not wait until the mask is dry before removing it. Because the mask will dry up and cause wrinkles, do not stay on the skin or the skin.