Exclusive 丨 Anxious was discriminated by Hunan Satellite TV, Gong Linna: What I want is respect

Exclusive 丨 “Anxious” was discriminated by Hunan Satellite TV, Gong Linna: What I want is respect
The music copyright distribution platform VFine Music issued a statement on January 13 stating that Hunan Satellite TV’s “Dance Storm” and other programs claimed authorization, repeatedly infringing on the rights and interests of some musical works represented by VFine Music, including “Anxious”, “Rare Words” and “Heart Stops”, andTo resolve the problem passively, VFine Music will take further legal action.Sauna, Yewang contacted the relevant person in charge of Hunan Satellite TV on the matter, and the other party did not respond before terminating the manuscript.On January 16, Gong Linna, an anxious singer, said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that this method is so despicable because there is no real respect and what she wants is to respect the legitimate rights and interests of original musicians.Gong Linna: Very distressed, there is no real respect. Gong Linna told the sauna, Yewang, she initially found out that “Dancing Storm” was adapted from the fans and used “Anxiety,” “The fans found me on Weibo @ 我.We do n’t know.”Lina Gong went to the show later, and she felt very sad.”This way is actually very mean, because there is no real respect.”Although Gong Linna had previously cooperated with Hunan Satellite TV, but this time” Dance Storm “was adapted and used” Dong “, her team never received any application from the other party.After the incident, Gong Linna handed over to VFine Music to handle the matter.Chen Xin, the vice president of VFine Music, told Sauna Nightnet that they have tried to communicate with Hunan Satellite TV on the copyright issue of “Anxiety”, but the other party has never officially responded.In fact, Gong Linna and her husband Lao Gong have collaborated on many widely circulated songs, such as “Anxious”, “Golden Cudgel”, and “Fahai You Don’t Understand Love”, and have encountered various crimes of “uncovered”.”Dance Storm” was adapted and used “Anxiety”, but just added another account to the suspected account.”Every time this happens, it is particularly harmful to musicians.The composer writes a work that can be liked by so many audiences. In fact, he accumulated the accumulation of his life.As a result, everyone used it casually, and the composer didn’t even know it.So Lao Gong often said that if the copyright of music is not protected and the musician is no longer protected, how can a musician create a good work?In Gong Linna’s view, if the original music is not protected, it is not a problem of one or two musicians being destroyed, which will lead to the problem of destruction of the Chinese music industry chain.”If the original music is taken casually, the authors did not get the correct or reasonable copyright fees, will they go to create, which will seriously damage the Chinese music industry chain.”Why Chinese music has no level in the world now, because the power of originality is not enough.Basically speaking, it is not that the Chinese do not have originality or protect the rights of original creators, so it is difficult to produce works with good artistic value.”Regarding the” Dancing Storm “suspected of infringing on” Anxiety “, Gong Linna’s appeal is very simple. She said that she does not value copyright fees and compensation, but respects.”I hope they respect the rights and interests of original musicians and cooperate with the attitude of companies such as VFine to protect their rights.Only when everyone respects each other will Chinese music develop in a virtuous circle.This is my appeal.”Screenshots released by VFine Music.The picture comes from the online music copyright platform: Hunan Satellite TV’s multiple programs are suspected of violating VFine Music. In a statement, the rights holder of the first phase of “Dance Storm” produced by Hunan Satellite TV agreed to adapt and use the musical work “Anxious” without authorization as a dance soundtrackCompetition and communication; the “2019 Hunan Satellite TV Global Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Evening” broadcast in February 2019 authorized the use of the musical work “Rare Words” and was adapted for commercial performance and dissemination; “Happy Base Camp” produced by Hunan Satellite TV 2019 7Among the programs broadcast on the 20th, it was said to authorize the use of the musical work “Heart as Water” for commercial performance and dissemination.The statement also revealed that the music rights of these three pieces of music have been managed by VFine Music. VFine Music notified Hunan Satellite TV of the facts by email in December 2019, repeatedly communicating and reconciling.However, Hunan Satellite TV did not respond effectively, and without notice, deleted the relevant clips of the program from the source and removed them from each platform, trying to passively solve the problem by covering the ears and stealing the bell.The lawyer’s statement: The deletion of the content is to voluntarily stop supplementing the sauna. Ye Wang interviewed Zhao Hu, a lawyer of Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm. The other party said that the deletion of the notification content by Hunan Satellite TV can be a manifestation of actively stopping the destruction;Difficulties for the right holder to fix the evidence, “Unless the right holder has fixed the relevant evidence before, this type of notarization proves that someone has propagated the content of the ownership, otherwise if you have to accuse the deleted content, you will encounterDifficulty in proof.”In recent years, at various major parties, variety shows have not applied for copyright to the right holders, but they have privately used their songs as commercial behaviors. For example, Li Zhifa issued a protest to” Son of Tomorrow “to agree to cover their songs; Hunan Satellite TVBecause Dimaxi was not authorized to sing Vitas’ “Opera 2” in the “Singer” program, he also received a lawyer’s letter from the relevant right holder.In this case, Zhao Hu admitted that many programs now require a large number of music works. It is not excluded that some platforms do not understand the relevant laws, lack of copyright awareness, or deliberate tampering, but it is indeed not easy to obtain authorization for music works, just looking forIf the owner of the work, or the amount of copyright authorization, is too high to afford it, discrimination will occur.A senior artist coordinator on a platform also discovered in an interview with Sauna Night that song copyright fees are now higher than individual artists ‘single film performances, ranging from tens of thousands to 200,000, and the sky-high price of 300,000 songs.There are no changes at all.”Copyright party: According to the feedback from Hunan Satellite TV, Chen Xin, vice president of VFine Music, did not rule out taking legal channels to tell Sauna Night.com, because the three music works are suspected of multiple programs on Hunan Satellite TV, so the relevant communication began in November last year.At that time, the response was that it had been fed back to Hunan Satellite TV, or that it wanted to discuss the solution with the program team. VFine Music determined to wait for the feedback result.”We hope to solve the problem through communication, but the other party deleted the video content of the suspected violation without notice, which makes us feel unbearable.”Xin Chen revealed that the relevant evidence and evidence had been collected and preserved before the official communication with Hunan Satellite TV, and the evidence was uploaded to the judicial block chain of the Internet Court. Deletion will not affect the proof.The video platform has not found the corresponding video.The picture comes from the Internet. Chen Xin said that the way VFine music handles the right thing is to first follow the musician’s intentions, hoping to be founder’s reputation to be recovered, it seems to apologize publicly and privately.The second is economic compensation, but it is never as high as ten times compensation.”Generally, what is the normal cost of this song, you can just pay it up, and add 50% -100% extra compensation based on the actual use on this basis.”” Regarding the dispute over the distortion of the three copyrighted music works and Hunan TV programs, what measures will be taken next?Chen Xin said that he must first wait for the feedback from Hunan Satellite TV, and then respond accordingly. At the same time, he should also communicate with the team of typical rights holder Gong Linna, and solve the problem with the replacement of the person who fully respects human rights.Regarding whether a legal approach will be adopted, Chen Xin said that this possibility cannot be ruled out.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Zhang He Editor Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun