[How to make freeze-dried meat]_freezing_how to make

[How to make freeze-dried meat]_freezing_how to make

Freeze-dried meat is a kind of freeze-dried bone and raw meat in the refrigerator, but it is really different from the cold fresh meat we usually eat, because the cold fresh meat we eat contains a certain amount of waterAnd the moisture in the moving dried meat is almost negligible, but if the temperature of ordinary wildflowers ca n’t make frozen meat at all, how is it made in the cold weather in Northeast China?

What is the lyophilized raw flesh pet?

Freeze-dried raw meat refers to the freezing of raw materials such as raw meat with bones and viscera (-35 ° C), followed by continuous vacuum drying for 6 hours under high pressure, so that the raw meatThe water directly sublimates from ice to vapor. No liquid is produced in the process, and the water vapor is continuously drained under high pressure.

The entire freeze-drying process takes nearly 24 hours. Only the water is drained and the nutrients in the ingredients are kept intact. It is a very detailed and demanding process to ensure that the product remains in the “fresh” state throughout the process and then enters the packaging process.

Freeze-drying technology is an internationally recognized “golden rule” for food preservation, and has been widely used in human foods, such as common freeze-dried fruit slices and other products.

WDJ (2014) believes that, in addition to homemade pet foods, freeze-dried pet food is the freshest, the least processed, and can ensure a healthy and balanced pet food with comprehensive nutrition.

Freeze-dried raw bone is not simply freeze-dried raw meat. It also covers bones and internal organs.

The so-called “meat is high in phosphorus and bone is high in calcium”. In addition to the two macro minerals supplemented with calcium and phosphorus, freeze-dried raw bone also provides natural zinc, copper and other trace elements, as well as important collagen and chondroitin.In general, the internal organs also supply nutrients that are not or in small amounts in muscle tissues, such as the heart and taurine.

Kill to obtain the required nutritional ingredients from fresh ingredients and reduce the use of ready-mixed flour.

In addition to the freshness and nutritional richness of the materials, the freeze-drying process used for freeze-dried raw bone and meat does not undergo heat treatment, which maintains protein (amino acids), minerals, and trace biological activities in the food, which greatly improves the overall food availability of cats and dogs.Digestibility.

Freeze-dried pet food is the best alternative to homemade raw food, arguably the most convenient alternative to raw food.

Freeze-dried petting is highly palatable to most dogs.

Because of the freeze-drying process, the selective change of the ingredients can be maintained, and the aroma and taste of the ingredients can be effectively locked.

If it is rehydrated (add blisters) to restore, you can enjoy the nutrition and deliciousness of raw food.

In addition, even if the freeze-dried pet food has various forms, the raw materials used can be seen, especially after rehydration, the raw materials are reduced, and fresh meat or meat meal can be seen, which is very reassuring.

At the same time, freeze-drying technology can also control the activities of various harmful bacteria and inhibit the production of bacterial endotoxins. It is safer and healthier than traditional raw foods and dry foods, and it will make pets and you more at ease.

In addition to their own raw materials and technicians, rest assured that they make raw foods by themselves. Feeding pets with lyophilized pets is very convenient, soak them in water.

And easy to carry, long shelf life, convenient storage.