Delicious Cantonese Cauliflower Scalloped Local Chicken

Delicious Cantonese Cauliflower Scalloped Local Chicken

As the saying goes, “No wine can’t be a feast” is more convenient for the warm and hospitable Cantonese.

Huadiao wine is not high in degree, its wine color is orange, its wine is mild, its alcohol taste is sweet, and its regular drink has health effects such as cold-dispelling and blood circulation, so it is very popular among Guangdong people.

In addition to direct, Huadiao wine can also be used to make dishes, such as Huadiao chicken, crab with crab meat and other famous Guangdong dishes.

  Ingredients for deep-frying (three servings): local chicken (1), Shaoxing Huadiao wine (4 caps), dried mushrooms (appropriate), oyster ravioli (several grains), ginger slices, pitted red dates (4 grains), Broccoli (two two), small tomato (some) seasoning: sesame oil, suitable production method: 1 light chicken washed and boneless; dried mushrooms soaked in warm water until softened, cut into strips; washed broccoli for later use.

  2 Put chicken bones, red dates, ginger slices, oysters with mushrooms, and water into the pot, and simmer for 1 hour.

  3 Chicken pieces are cut evenly, marinated in sesame oil and flower carving wine for half an hour.

  4 Wash the broccoli and boil in half a pot of water.

  5 Wash and cut the small tomatoes in half, and arrange the broccoli and small tomatoes in a companion dish.

  After 6 hours, open the lid of the pot and add chicken. Add the Huadiao wine and simmer it.

  7 Spread the chicken on the broccoli and arrange for the dish, and dip it in the Huadiao wine.