Liqiu + 3 volts during health

Liqiu + 3 volts during health

“Liqiu”, but this year’s Liqiu is still in the “three days”, so it will be hot after the fall.

Health experts remind the public that there is still a summer festival after the fall, the focus of health is still to prevent heat damage, at the same time, after the fall, pay attention to adjust diet and work, beware of diarrhea and colds.

Liqiu did not enter the autumn to guard against the “autumn tiger” and “Liuqiu”, marking the beginning of the fall, the turning point of the temperature from heating to cooling in the year, after which the humidity gradually decayed until the unbearable “sauna days” gradually decreased.

However, Li Qiu is not the real fall, the heat of the summer has not disappeared, the summer solar terms will also come on August 23, the “autumn tiger” is also eyeing, the weather gradually turned to dry heat.

Therefore, after the autumn festival, it will not be too cool sooner or later, the temperature difference will become bigger, and the daytime is especially hot during the day.

At this time, people are prone to fatigue, fatigue, heat and heat to continue, but there will be changes in the summer.

Drink plenty of water, light tea, soup, etc., to clear the heat.

Older people are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents at this time, so pay special attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Clearing away heat-clearing foods can both cool off the heat and increase appetite. Therefore, drink some green bean soup or eat lotus porridge, lily porridge and mint porridge have great potential.

After the fall, when the diarrhea and colds invade the autumn, when the heart diarrhea and colds invade the autumn, although there is no feeling of heat in the sauna, the temperature will still be high, and the heat will be difficult for a while. In such weather, the poleProne to diarrhea and colds.

Health experts pointed out that the temperature gradually decreased after the fall, suitable for the growth of some diarrhea pathogenic microorganisms, is the season of bacterial dysentery, bacterial enteritis and other diseases.

Therefore, after the beginning of autumn, we must pay special attention to food hygiene and develop good hygiene habits.

In particular, pay attention to diet conditioning, pay attention to changes in climate and heat, strengthen exercise, and enhance physical fitness.

In addition, after experiencing a hot summer, the body is depleted, resulting in decreased immunity.

As the high temperature is lowered, the virus takes advantage of it, so it is necessary to prevent the common cold and viral influenza from attacking in the early autumn.

Eat more nourishing and moisturizing foods, such as some sweet and sour fruits and vegetables, such as pears, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, oranges, grapes and so on.

Anti-cold can be used to wash your nose with cold water. It is good to wash your face with cold water every morning and night. It helps to improve your body’s resistance.

The most easy to paste autumn 膘 膘 膘 别 别 别 别 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立Good time.

But this is also the time for weight gain, so obese people, to control the weight of people should pay attention to diet, moderate exercise, so as not to lose weight too fast.

After the fall, there are many diets.

Cold and cold diet is appropriate, and carefully eat the melon to prevent bad belly.

Watermelon, cucumber, etc. can’t be eaten as much as in the midsummer without any scruples, and should be stopped.

The folk song “Qiugua bad belly” refers to the fact that continuing to eat a lot of melon seeds after the autumn is easy to cause interventional diseases.

Although eating a large amount of melon in summer does not cause spleen and stomach diseases, it has reduced the gastrointestinal resistance of the stomach. After the autumn, a large number of raw fruits and vegetables will surely help the evil and damage the spleen.

If the spleen is weak, it will not be able to transport water and wet, diarrhea, diarrhea, sputum and other acute and chronic chronic diseases will follow.

Therefore, after the beginning of autumn, you should be careful to eat melon fruits, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

  In the summer, people’s heart is weak and strong, and after the beginning of autumn, people’s lungs are gradually strong.

In order to avoid the rise of lung fire, after eating the autumn, eat less spicy food, eat less onions, ginger, etc., so as not to cough, asthma.

You can eat sour fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, kiwis and tomatoes.

Even eat some foods that have the effect of moistening the lungs, nourishing yin and clearing the dryness, such as sputum, lily, chestnut, red dates, white fungus, yam, medlar and so on.

At the same time, spiritual health should also be quiet, comfortable, and not sad and sad, to adapt to the autumn atmosphere.

It is also necessary to strengthen the stadium activities, and the more comfortable sports include running and playing.