Difficult pain of divorced woman

Difficult pain of divorced woman

Being a woman is harder, and being a divorced woman is harder.

Although times have changed and society has progressed, divorce is commonplace, and people are generally forgiving and tolerant, but good people still shake around, peeping, following you, and being recognized everywhere they go.With the mark, it adds embarrassment and helplessness to the peaceful life.

  Gossip, the woman who keeps you from divorcing is the hardest thing to deal with.

With a little carelessness, you can ignite yourself, become a victim of rumors.

  In 1998, when I tried my best to escape from the siege, I thought I could spend a few quiet days.

Unexpectedly, after a few days of comfort, trouble came.

Once, I went to find an old classmate to help me.

As soon as he arrived at his unit, he heard a voice behind him: “Hey, that woman’s divorce.

Immediately there was a pile of awl-like gazes coming in, and I was frightened by the whispering argument. I was scared to go back, as if I had done something bad and went straight.

A few days later, the rumors still left for a few years and said what happened to us. Some people even have a nose and eyes telling us where we went, staying in one of the big hotels, and making a few things rain and rain.

  About half a month later, just when I was about to forget it, a strange woman came to me and looked at her unsound tone. I guess it must be the wife of a classmate.

Sure enough, the woman gave me a kick as soon as she met, and those who had good things from time to time gave us light.

I endured my temper to invite her to an unoccupied single room and explain to her.

At first she didn’t believe it, and the bad words hurt me and threatened me.

It turned out that the couple was having a divorce. Since my classmate resigned and went into business in the sea, his pockets have gradually bulged up, and he has grown up to raise a “second wife”, and his wife has never been able to handle it.

This time, I hit the muzzle badly and was mistaken for “second wife” by her, and picked up a bargain.

Before leaving, his wife apologized and said sorry, I said, the same woman, and I am also the direct victim of a third party, I understand your feelings too.

However, in the future, you can’t be so reckless. When you meet another person, you may not be so good at speaking.

She nodded again and again.

Now we are friends.

  After eating for a while, I would never dare to be alone with the man.

However, there are good people who lead me to talk.

Even occasionally wearing a slightly exposed dress, or a change in hair style, will attract relish.

The Chinese always say that people are good.

  Inescapable sexual harassment Sexual harassment is another big topic of divorce women.

Many women have been sexually harassed to varying degrees. Divorced women are more stigmatized and discriminated against in this regard than other women, and are often the object of men’s stigma.

  Divorced women are single, unburdened, and have a history of sex, so men start to talk, basically they go to school together, of course, the majority of those who hit the ball.

In our office area, men account for more than half of the lesbians. They are either older or less handsome. I am a general in a mule, a little bit better.

Therefore, I became the object of prey and soy sauce.

Often, my shoulders will be slapped by my buddies inexplicably, or my hands will be held tight for no reason when I deliver something, and I will release it before I can cry.

My short haircut also turned into an opportunity. I felt my hair and said, “The hair is almost as long as mine, and it is not gentle at all.

“There is no evil look.

You turned your face, he said, “So stingy, but just kidding,” walking down the stairs.

But in the future, it is still repeatedly changed and repeated, one by one.

You can’t always face it every time, because many things still need help from them, and you can’t offend them.

  There are also deep slits.

Once, travel with one leader.

At first he had a serious face. About half an hour after the car drove out, he pretended to care about me and asked about it.I have had little contact with him. I heard that he is more decent and a member of the Municipal Writers Association, so I respect him a lot and I have to answer questions.

When our topic became more and more speculative, he moved his body, while holding one hand lightly around my waist.

Passing by a repair shop, the driver continued to buy auto parts, just brought the car door and got off the car. The leader was eager to hug me, and a heat wave came straight at me . Every day, I found myself like fightingSimilarly, carefully deal with these wolf in sheep’s clothing.

While protecting yourself, try not to offend them.

Supplementing my life makes it impossible for me to give up this job of everyone.

I am a poor lamb, living like a wolf on the ice.

  I’m not a watery woman, but sometimes I have to act against my wish.

I feel like I’m living in a box, plugged into the power grid everywhere, can’t rely, can’t touch, and can’t escape.

  Loneliness is like the night, and boundless loneliness is the enemy of divorced women.

When I was at home, I turned around all the time. I did n’t feel lonely, but after divorce, it was okay without my home. If there were more days, my heart would be lost and I felt lost.

At this time I would envy the warmth of the family.

The family sat around the table and casually talked about what happened during the day. They talked about the taste of the food, and the heat of the food was permeated in the air. The joyful scene would make people jealous.

Of course, it is by no means nostalgic for the previous home, that he.

  Every day when the bell rings from work, I will be standing on the balcony of the 8-storey office building dumbly, watching the setting sun, the tired birds returning home, and the hurrying crowd.

When everyone was gone, and only the janitor and me were left in the whole building, I stepped down the stairs and walked in the direction of the rental house.

There is my home, my own home.

  A ten-square-meter cabin has no “oversize” except a bed, a table, and a 14-inch black and white TV.

Turn on the lights, everything is intact, and when I left in the morning, I was still somehow.

I was disappointed for a while and wanted to change a little bit, even if the mouse knocked over a bowl, it would make me feel a little angry.

But nothing moved, not even the most annoying little animal would patronize my deserted cabin.

The white and bright lights that people were preparing to feel warm in others’ homes were suddenly so quiet and lonely in my cabin.

  Turning on the TV distraught, the kissing and hugging of the hero and heroine are being performed on the screen. I was so angry that I turned it off without eating, and I buried it in the quilt and let the tears wet the pillow .Flowing like a tide, covering my eyelashes with teardrops . It is difficult to get married again, and it is difficult to get up to the sky. Mr. Qian Zhongshu said well: People in the city want to go out, people outside the city want to come in.

  After tasting the slander of rumors and the confusion of loneliness, a desire to rush into the siege again rose deeply.

Remarriage becomes a top priority.

  Family and friends introduced dozens of them, but none were more than one month old.

Everyone met somebody and started to eagerly want this and that, and scared me to retreat.

  Men are often better than women intellectually.

But in this matter, it is just the opposite. Often, the age is more than the naivety of performance and disproportionate age. Regardless of whether the two parties have feelings or no results, they want to develop in depth.


  There was a man who met me for the second time and made an unsolicited request to me.

And said, “Do n’t you need it?

“This kind of naked desire makes a thing that should have been very beautiful beyond recognition and makes people feel cold.

Seems not to seek love, but to vent.

  Although I am a divorced woman, I hope that the road to remarriage is still as innocent and beautiful as first love, and everything is created from scratch.

But men don’t think so, they think that if they take their time to fall in love, it will be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

  Entering the new century, I really want to tell the men I will meet and give me the whole process of love.

Don’t come to me if you want to worry and worry.

I need a love from start to finish.